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Total roofing
Repair solutions.

Solutions for roofing repair and improvement which provide a high-performance roof without the cost of replacement

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Topps Products delivers sustainable, commercial roof and industrial roof repair and maintenance systems. Our roof coatings and roof sealants have been protecting and sealing roofs, stopping roof leaks and extending roof life for decades. Topps products have proven durable in over 30 countries and on every continent and in every imaginable climate.

Our roof coating systems work together to restore, protect and enhance the energy efficiency of commercial and industrial buildings. These systems always include a versatile group of surface preparation, reinforcement, roof repair and roof coating products which all work together to improve the performance of your roof.

Energy saving

Get a Cool Roof with Topps Seal®

Hot Aussie days can heat exposed surfaces, such as roofs and pavements, to temperatures + 27–50°C hotter than ambient air temperatures. Topps Seal® white roofing products are proven to reduce rooftop temperatures by as much as 45%. Less heat on top means less heat radiating inside your building, thus resulting in potential energy savings of up to 15%.


Elimination of heat from solar radiation also protects your roof from thermal movement - the most common cause of roof failure. This product comes with ENERGY STAR® rating and is qualified through independent testing. Topps® roof coatings outperform all other products in the market which makes it the preferred solution for the extreme Australian environments.

Thermal imaging tests have demonstrated the significant cooling effects of white Topps Seal on metal roofs.



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