This economical, alkaline-based cleaner is incredibly versatile. As perfect for heavy duty jobs as it is for use in regular cleaning, a simple change of concentration turns the formula into a cleaning powerhouse that can be adapted for most any project.

Topps MultiUse Cleaner Concentrate has been proven effective in a variety of commercial and industrial applications. It will cut through grime across a variety of conditions.


The carefully designed formula combines 10 ingredients - twice that of most ordinary cleaners. Three uniquely different surfactants and an active wetting agent carry the cleaner deep between dirt particles, where it rapidly begins to dissolve the grease, oil, and other airborne pollutants which bind grime to surfaces. The dirt then releases as particles suspended in water, where it simultaneously is removed while washing, without requiring a rinse in most applications.


Start with 4-6 oz. to a gallon of clean water when using a power-wash. Use more where needed. Apply full-strength directly to more heavily soiled areas.


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