Polyprene® is an all rubber, universal roof repair cement used for flashings, seams, pitch pans, cracks, splits and making various repairs on all roof types. It provides you with a long-lasting, water-tight, 100% rubber seal. Polyprene® was voted the #1 repair compound among roofing professionals.


The heavily-fibered high-solids content prevents mud cracking, making it ideal for pitch pans as well as to seal seams, cracks, around vibrating rooftop equipment, skylights, vents, flashings, and more. In emergency situations, wet surface adhesive agents allow repairs even to damp metal.


  • Quickly and easily reinforces critical areas
  • All rubber, fiber reinforced — stays flexible and won't crack when cold
  • Wet surface adhesive agents allow repairs to damp metal, when required
  • Easily incorporates PolyCore™ reinforcement polyester, when needed, for extra strength
  • Can be applied thick, in one layer, without the threat of mud cracking
  • Available in Heavy Brush Grade & Trowel Grade for ease of use and versatility


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