What do you do when you have a leaking metal roof seam or problem with fasteners on your metal roof? Weather can wreak havoc on a metal roof. Thermal movement is created by changing temperatures, and as roof materials expand and contract metal roof seams can become loose. Bad weather can further the damage, and early intervention can save your metal roof.


Topps® Products has a solution. Seam/RivetGuard™—our popular product specifically designed for metal roofs—seals, caulks, and withstands normal thermal movement from changing temperatures and more. The specially compounded, synthetic rubbers elongate further when warm and needed most and become stronger in cold climates, keeping seams and fasteners sealed in all climates.


Strong and elastic, Seam/RivetGuard™ seals seams that are properly closed. The product locks seals properly tightened fasteners and protects against rust and future failure at critical points.

Seam/RivetGuard™ represents the ultimate gelled formula sealant for both seams and fasteners where a one-coat application does both. This makes it a real labor-saver.


For larger sectional areas, you can use this product together with Polyprene® cement, and Topps Seal® coatings.


  • Seals seams and fasteners
  • Leaves no voids


Can incorporate PolyCore™ polyester reinforcement fabric, where needed, for more critical areas


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