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Leaking caravan or recreation vehicle roof?

Introducing Topps Products, the trusted name in commercial roofing since 1958. Now, caravan and RV owners can enjoy the same peace of mind when it comes to their roofs while travelling across the beautiful Australian landscape. Trust Topps Products to keep your roof in top shape, no matter where your travels take you.

Our roof coatings are professionally installed by accredited applicators across Australia, providing you with a 15-year waterproof guarantee. Your van will be treated with the utmost of care by professional installers of the Topps Products system and will ensure you have no water leaks for years to come.


The Australian climate can be harsh on the exterior of your caravan or RV. As we know, the Australian sun is hot enough to cook an egg! With the Topps Products system, not only will the roof exterior be protected from rain and hail, the thermal properties in the Topps Products system, actively reduces the external surface temperature of the roof leading to reduced temperatures inside your van!


Topps Products - keeping you cool and dry while you are doing what you love best - travelling this great wide land. 


To make a booking to get your van sealed, get in touch with us:

or call Roger 0418 528 613

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