Bathurst city Library

Bathurst city library and art gallery is a place of high public traffic, so roof leaks can be not only an inconvenience but also a safety concern for customers and staff.


The library entrance is covered by an architectural glass pyramid surrounded by flat concrete and parapet walls. The roof top had caused many wet areas directly at the entrance for upwards of 10 years with only temporary solutions available due to a poor deteriorated roof seal membrane and a hard to flash area at the bottom joint of the pyramid.

The solution for a long-lasting leak free roof was provided by Topps Products Australia.

The Topps System selected for this project was the System 5000 for Concrete Roofs using a Polyprene and PolyCore reinforced membrane to provide long-lasting sealing of joints in the roof structure and complete sealing with ClearSeal and a final membrane layer of Topps Seal


The leaking joints between the concrete of the roof and the structural pyramid skylight frame were easily solved by doing away with the original flashing and using a combination of Polyprene and Polycore to seal the gaps before final sealing of the whole roof with the Topps Seal membrane.  The correct combination of Topps products has worked with great success and will offer a guaranteed 10 years leak-free but will likely last much longer.


Using Topps System 5000 has also meant that disruption to the Library's operations was minimised and allowed the Library to remain open throughout the Topps installation.  The only concern for the library now is which area to Topps Seal next as all customers and staff have been extremely pleased with the way Topps has performed.

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